3 Unique Custom Metal Fabrication Projects for Office Buildings

At Formwell Industries, we believe that a company’s physical office space should be an extension of its established branding. Your office space should be inviting, familiar, yet eye-catching. We have the tools and methods to assist you in creating a space that reflects your professionalism and unique business identity with elegance and style.

The first step to creating your desired office space is to consult our team of metal fabrication experts. By thoroughly exploring your ideas and goals, we can create a design plan which makes your vision a reality. A great place to start is by reviewing our previous office projects. We have worked with various clients across the region to create stunning metal fabrication projects for their office spaces.

In this article, we will discuss three unique custom metal fabrication projects for office buildings that we have designed and created.

1. Custom Signage

Custom signage is one of the most popular metal fabrication projects due to the durability of metal signs. This is especially important if you happen to be designing a sign for the exterior of your office building; rain, wind, and sun can quickly deteriorate the quality of a lesser material.

Metal signs are also a popular choice because they are easily customizable. Precision cutting can be utilized to create unique and intricate shapes for your signage. At Formwell Industries, we use a Flow Water Jet cutting machine that is capable of cutting virtually any material—wood, metal, or plastics. This technology allows us to create custom designs with precision and ease.


2. Roofs and Gutters

Often thought of as just a necessary, functional element of any building, custom metal fabrication gives business owners the opportunity to make their roof and gutters statement or complementary pieces. We have worked with several clients to create custom metal gutters that contrast beautifully, particularly with brick exterior.

Clean, eye-catching exterior design elements such as these can leave a lasting impression on potential clients. A careful design can communicate that you are an organized, careful, and trustworthy business—even before your very first meeting!

Partnering with a metal fabrication company, especially if they are local, could also save money as you coordinate communication and delivery.

3. Unique Accent Pieces

Custom metal design for office buildings isn’t just about disguising essential functional pieces; Formwell Industries also specializes in creating unique accent pieces for the office building interior or exterior.

These projects are especially exciting for us, as they allow our clients’ imaginations to combine with our expertise to create truly stunning pieces of art. Take this custom fire truck accent below. Another great example of our accent piece work can be found at the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee; we converted its brick exterior into a stunning silver metallic accent.

Interested In Custom Metal Work for Your Office Building?

No matter where you are in your office building design process, whether you’re just beginning construction or considering a remodel, Formwell Industries is here to meet you where you are and get started. The best part about working directly with a custom metal fabricator? The sky’s the limit. We thrive when clients bring their ideas and inspirations to us, and we get to make them a reality.

Contact your local fabricator, Formwell Industries, today to talk about your next metalwork project.


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