5 Advantages of Choosing a Custom Metal Sign for Your Retail Store

We are all aware of the importance of first impressions, especially when it comes to winning over potential customers. Quality signs displayed in your retail space are pivotal to making a positive impression on customers; in fact, customers are 6.5 times more likely to remember visual information three days later than auditory information. 

There are many benefits of choosing a metal fabrication company to create your retail signage. Metal is renowned as a material that can stand the test of time and outdoor elements, making the investment worthwhile for your business. Formwell Industries is a trusted metal fabrication company that can guide you through the process of designing and creating the perfect retail sign for your business. 

Consider these five benefits of choosing a metal fabrication company for all your retail sign needs:

1. Wide Range of Customizability

Metal is a great material to use while crafting a new retail sign for many reasons, including a vast array of opportunities to easily customize the design. When using metal to craft retail signs, stencils can be used to transfer detailed designs that align with your brand. 3D channel letters are also a great option for a custom-designed retail sign that is able to grab the attention of potential customers from a greater distance.

2. Withstands Outdoor Elements

Without a doubt, one of the most popular reasons to choose metal for an outdoor retail sign is its ability to withstand wind, rain, and sunlight for long periods of time without damage. Other materials, such as wood and some corrugated plastics, will fade over time, making metal a wise choice for any outdoor signage your business might need.

3. Premium Look and Feel

As we mentioned, first impressions are important to establishing an initial relationship with potential customers. With this in mind, it’s important not to skimp on the budget of your outdoor retail sign. Though metal signs will generally be more expensive than those made of other materials, you are paying for a lasting quality. 

Remember that quality inspires trust from your customers; if your branding style communicates that you spend great time, effort, and thought into your own business, then customers will trust that you will devote this same care to their needs. 

4. Make it Work For You 

Whatever design you choose for your retail sign, make sure that it’s an extension of your business brand identity. Since metal design and stenciling is so versatile, it might be tempting to choose a more complex design or maybe experiment with something new, but it’s important that your design remains aligned with what you have already presented to customers in other marketing efforts. 

Incorporate the same logo, font, and color scheme that you have already solidified in your brand identity. Choosing to change it up is a quick way to confuse your customer base and lose trust.

5. Consider the Elements

When choosing your metal sign, there are some considerations to make as you solidify many elements of the design. Some things to consider include the following:

  • Color contrast—Remain “on-brand,” while also ensuring that you choose colors that stand out.
  • Readability—Keep it simple! Make sure your font isn’t too small or in all capital letters, making it difficult to read. 
  • Visibility—Consider whether you want customers to spot your sign from the road or while walking down the street. Also, mind the glare from the sun while choosing the position of your sign. 

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