How Local Metal Fabrication Can Streamline a Roofing Project

If you’re a roofing contractor, you know how much of a headache it is to wait for your materials to be processed and shipped. What if you could help reduce that wait time? Having a local metal fabrication company on your side can take your roofing business to the next level. Not only will you have a local person to talk through your orders, but you’ll also potentially cut down your wait time, making your customers happy they chose you. Let’s talk about how choosing a local partner for metal fabrication can enhance your roofing projects.

We Get You Custom Parts Weeks Faster than National Manufacturers

A local metal fabricator can make custom parts right when you need them. Whereas large national manufacturers can make anything in six to 12 weeks, local companies usually have the materials in-house and can therefore turn your products around in 8 to 14 days.

You Receive Fast, Friendly, and Professional Customer Service

Rather than waiting on hold, explaining your issue, and hoping that someone can help you, you can work with a local company that will listen to your needs to provide you with a fast solution.

Here is a firsthand example that we experienced recently at Formwell Industries: A customer picked up their first round of parts and found out that they were slightly off because another trade had installed something incorrectly. Instead of putting them through a lengthy process, we quickly modified the previous parts as soon as the issue was discovered. This allowed the customer to move forward with the correct measurements on the rest of their order and helped that contractor prevent running over on job expenses.

With a national manufacturer, the customer would have needed to wait several additional weeks to resolve their issue, blowing their project timelines. No matter your challenge, having a local fabricator on your side can dramatically improve your project schedule, your budget, and the ease of your overall job.

With Formwell Industries, You Also Have a Local Precision Cutting Partner

Formwell’s waterjet machine helps us cut both standard or custom parts quickly and accurately. This might include collector heads, gutter end caps and outlets, angled downspout transitions, and square or round conversion pieces. To make the project move even faster, we can cut pre-painted material to avoid wasting valuable time hand snipping the parts. Whereas national competitors can take upwards of two weeks to complete a precision cutting project, Formwell can draw, cut, and bend your product all within the same day.

Streamline Your Roofing Projects with Formwell Industries

Imagine what your roofing company could do with a local metal fabrication and precision cutting service. We can help you take your customer service further by shortening your wait times, improving your customer service experience, and showing genuine care for your project. Contact your local fabricator, Formwell Industries, today to talk about your next metalwork project.


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