Metal Fabrication Projects: The Hospitality Industry

There are many opportunities for metal fabrication projects in the hospitality industry, from updating a functional piece like a drainage system in a restaurant, to creating a statement piece for a hotel—the possibilities are seemingly endless. Formwell Industries has worked with many local businesses in the hospitality industry, improving both the efficiency and the aesthetics of their place of business.

As with other industries, projects for hospitality businesses come with their own set of unique requirements and challenges. This is why working with a trusted, local metal fabricator is especially important; a local metal fabricator is readily available to answer your questions and include you in every step of the project.

In this article we will discuss metal fabrication projects that Formwell Industries has created for different local businesses in the hospitality industry, including the special considerations and precautions they took to meet the unique needs of this industry.

Popular Hospitality Project Requests

Since sheet metal is so durable and pliable, it can be used for a very diverse range of projects in the hospitality industry. For example, we receive many requests for metal projects on the exterior of buildings since they have been proven to last 25 to 30 years.

For example, the Holiday Inn in Nashville looked to Formwell to update the exterior of their building by accenting the existing brick with metal. While collaborating with their architect, we found a way to create a cleat and cover within their budget. This type of project is especially appealing to businesses because they are cost-effective—as they are made with in-house material—but they are also custom-built to fit the owners’ unique vision.

We are also frequently asked to improve upon or replace a practical element of a business with a custom version. You can see a great example of this type of work at Stouts Burgers, where we replaced the drainage system under the tap to make it flow more efficiently.

Finally, custom gutter work is a common request, as gutters can actually make a significant difference in the appearance of the building. Take this project we completed with Superica restaurant. We installed copper gutters and a painted louver system above their patio area, making their building pop.

Unique Challenges of the Hospitality Industry

Like any other industry, hospitality comes with its own unique challenges that we have to take special precautions to work around. One of these challenges we frequently run into is working around tight customer deadlines; the hospitality industry is centered around customer comfort and satisfaction to secure a returning customer base. This is taken into consideration as we complete construction projects and choose windows of time other than peak business hours.

Additionally, any customers providing food services are subject to health codes, which are always considered during planning and construction. We ensure that only clean, strong welds are used with materials that will not hold bacteria. This aspect of the hospitality industry makes metal the perfect material to be used around food preparation.

Trust an Industry Expert

The hospitality industry is all about keeping customers happy and taking great care to do so. At Formwell Industries, we understand that going the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied is our responsibility. We have the expertise and the resources to make any hospitality industry project come to life for your business.

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