The Information We Need to Bring Your Project to Life

You and your team have spent weeks, maybe even months, brainstorming your metalwork construction and design project. You are more than ready to get started, but you now find yourself at maybe the most daunting stage of any project: the first step. We understand it may seem overwhelming, but with the help of an experienced and trusted metal fabricator, you will have plenty of guidance along the way!

Whether you are at the advanced stages of planning your next project, or still need some guidance to develop a project, Formwell Industries offers construction and design expertise to make your project both efficient and exciting. We ensure that you are involved in every step of the decision-making process, educated in your choices, and excited to see your vision become a reality.

In this article, we will discuss the process of bringing your metalwork project to life, including the specific materials and information we need to get started.

What to Expect from an Initial Consultation

The first step to bring your project to life is a consultation, in which we learn more about the ideas and expectations of your project. The goal of this conversation (via video, phone, or in-person) is for us to first gain an abstract understanding of your project, then slowly begin to fill in the specifics.

This consultation is especially important, because it is the time where we learn about the scope of your project, your budget, timeline, and whether we have the means to achieve all of these things for your business (and if we don’t, how to achieve it anyway).

What You Should Bring to the Consultation

When it comes to providing information at your initial consultation, the more specific, the better! Rather than inspiration pictures to base a general idea off of, we prefer you come with a reference drawing with dimensions; this should be in file format DXF or DWG. We will also need to know any tolerances the parts or surrounding install areas may have, a material list, and ideas of the general aesthetic.

With this information handy, we then begin to create a prototype for your approval!

Our Process After the Consultation

Now that we’ve had our initial consultation, what’s next? The best way to give an accurate depiction of our typical process is to share a recent experience:

Formwell Industries recently produced metal drain pan trays to surround the pool at the W Hotel. The project started in 2019, when Greenrise sought a consultation, brought drawings, which were sent to the architects who then gave an estimate based off these drawings. As we began the project, we encountered a few roadblocks, including constraints regarding the thickness of the stainless steel in conjunction with how smooth the edges and corners were required to be. We also had to take special care to ensure that the trays could withstand the weight of people standing on them.

In the end, we had to adjust our approach, the budget, and timeline, but ultimately, the customer remained actively informed and involved with every change to our original plan.

We Are Here to Help

Planning a construction or design project for your business should be exciting and fulfilling, rather than a massive source of confusion and stress. After all, seeing your vision for your business come to life should be an amazing experience. When you come to us with a sketch and some inspiration, we promise to do everything in our power to execute your project with expertise and great skill.

Contact your local fabricator, Formwell Industries, today to talk about your next metalwork project.


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