3 Industrial Metal Fabrication Products

Metal fabrication is a complex process of converting raw metal materials into products used in industrial and household settings on a daily basis. This process involves many steps, including cutting, welding, stamping, and casting, and it provides numerous products across many different industries.

Metal fabricated products are so ever-present in our lives, that you might not even recognize how prevalent they are in your industry. That is, until you find your business in need of metal fabrication services. And, when this occasion arises, Formwell Industries is here to guide you through the process of finding the best product and plan-of-action for your business needs.

Here are three common categories of metal fabrication products that your business will likely utilize.

1. Basic Construction and Architecture

One of the largest industries to utilize metal fabrication products is construction and architecture, which, as you might imagine, holds a great impact across many industries.

Structural metal fabrication, namely steel, is the most commonly manufactured in construction services. This is because steel has the ideal strength to weight ratio for the support needed to create large structures. Therefore, heavy steel fabrication—the process in which raw steel is manufactured into sheet metal and then manipulated into building material—is the process heavily relied upon within the construction industry.

Additional metal fabrication products used within construction and architecture include:

  • HVAC units
  • Fire escapes
  • Appliances
  • Automobile panels
  • Loading bays and ramps

2. Hardware Used to Connect Businesses

A potentially overlooked area of your business that is created through industrial metal fabrication is your business hardware. Metal fabrication is utilized to create the basic technology products used to connect your business with customers, vendors, and other resources imperative to success.

The protective metals used in modems, monitors, wiring, and hardware motherboards are just a few of the products created through the metal fabrication process. The reliability of computer hardware, which we often take for granted, would not be possible without the process of metal fabrication.

3. Hand Tools and Nut and Bolt Manufacturing

The process of casting and cutting metal materials is responsible for many of the tools we use every day, such as common working tools. Other commonplace, yet essential, products forged from metal fabrication include nuts and bolts. Obviously, these products are essential to industrial environments. Formed from a die process, such products depend on an efficient and perfectly-executed fabrication process in order to guarantee their dependability.

Metal fabrication is not a self-contained industry; these products have far-reaching effects ranging from the industrial to the residential. Feeling overwhelmed about the myriad of metal-fabricated products that your business might need to acquire? We are here to help guide you through the process, sharing our expert industry knowledge and educating you of the ideal options for your business.

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