Top 6 Metal Fabrication Needs for Restaurants

Restaurant owners and managers have their pick when it comes to standard equipment. But, what about those pieces they can’t find online or at a restaurant supply store? What about the details that will make the look of their restaurant pop? When looking for the perfect piece to complete a commercial kitchen, or an accent piece that will spark a conversation, restaurateurs can look to their local metal fabricator for help.

Are you in the restaurant business? Here are a few ideas of the top metal fabrication needs for restaurants to get your wheels turning.

1. Bar Projects

Does your bar need some updating? For the finishing touches that you know you need but can’t quite find, a metal fabricator should be your first call. You can also opt to make your bar a statement piece! With a few additions, you could completely transform your bar’s look. Take a look at a project we did for a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee.

2. Condiment Caddies

Functional accent pieces around your restaurant can elevate the look and feel of your dining room while also adding branding opportunities. Though you could take this idea in many different directions, a custom condiment caddy is a popular choice! A metal fabricator can create custom caddies that add a signature touch to your tables or bar.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Signage

Custom signs are a great way to add style to your building. By choosing metal signage, which is more weather-friendly than other materials, you’ll likely get a longer lifespan out of your investment while also adding a unique touch to the look of your restaurant.

4. Statement Decor

Instagram photos are often how restaurants are noticed now, especially as there is so much competition out there. Give your customers something to be astounded by—and take pictures of. With metal accent pieces, you can bring out your restaurant’s personality. The opportunities are endless!

5. Custom Flashing

We find that customers come to us when they just can’t seem to find the right piece, and they know we can create exactly what they need. To complete a commercial kitchen, you may be looking for the finishing touches that keep you up to code. This can sometimes mean custom flashing for when a kitchen’s tables don’t meet the wall or a custom gutter to improve drainage. Whatever the issue, we can help you create the right piece to solve it.

6. Roofing and Gutters

Sometimes overlooked as a design element, custom roofing and gutters could be the missing piece to make the look of your restaurant really come together. If you know what you want but aren’t sure who can make it happen, reach out to your local metal fabrication company. Take a look at a gutter project we did for Superica’s Restaurant in Nashville.

Contact your local fabricator, Formwell Industries, today to talk about your next metalwork project. Come to us with an idea, and we’ll make it happen!


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