Why Facility Managers Need Partnerships with Custom Fabricators

It comes as no surprise that as a facility manager, there are a lot of moving parts to manage in order to run a smooth business. One of these many responsibilities is seeking and maintaining third-party partnerships, which are pivotal to fulfilling large-scale and small-scale needs.

For the metal fabrication needs of a business, it is wise to plan to form a long-term partnership with a third-party rather than seeking out a quick contract with a vendor. Any given business will need the assistance and expertise of a custom metal fabrication company during various points of set-up, maintenance, and one-off projects. Therefore, having an existing partnership will result in efficiency and peace-of-mind!

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of forming long-lasting partnerships with custom fabricators.

A Serious Relationship

Keeping up with various vendor contracts and terms while juggling multiple projects can easily become overwhelming. Ideally, managers hope to have a few partnerships they can form long-term, open relationships with rather than having to seek out a new vendor for each project.

This is especially true for partnerships with custom metal fabricators; metal fabricators can provide custom design and services such as plasma and laser cutting, welding and other core services. They will come in handy for your business on a regular basis!

A Cost Effective Partnership

Another benefit of a long-term partnership is the money it could save your business. Researching, interviewing, and testing out new vendors can be time consuming and costly, especially if you experience several failed vendor relationships in between. 

Partnering with a metal fabrication company, especially if they are local, could also save money as you coordinate communication and delivery.

What to Look For

As with any new relationship, you should know what you’re looking for (and what you’re not) prior to beginning your search for the perfect partner. A few things we recommend you be on the lookout for while searching for the ideal custom metal fabricator include:

  • A good track record—You should feel free to research the company’s previous projects and ask former partners what they liked and disliked from their partnership.
  • Stellar communication—You don’t want to be knee-deep in a time sensitive project before realizing your new partner has poor management and communication!
  • Mutual Respect—Most importantly, you need to feel comfortable within your business partnership.

Still wondering whether outsourcing a partnership with a custom metal fabricator is right for your business? We don’t blame you; there’s a lot of important factors to consider before making the leap! However, if you can relate to the following needs, we urge you to get to the conversation started today:

  • Your business has a high demand for customized metal products.
  • Your business does not have the capacity to regularly provide custom fabrication services in-house.
  • Your business cannot spare the manpower to bring these services in-house.

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