How to Determine if Your Building is Ready for New Gutters

Though they often go overlooked, gutters are one of the most important functional features of a building. Well-functioning gutters keep the rain off a roof, away from a building’s foundation, and keep rainwater from creeping under roofing materials, thus, preventing a whole host of moisture problems that would otherwise develop. Failing to replace aging gutters can cause serious damage and ruin a building’s curb appeal. Here are a few ways that you can determine if your building is ready for new gutters.

1. Your Gutters are Cracked and Leaking

A cracked gutter will leak water during a storm depositing it near the foundation or on the rooftop. If left alone for too long this can cause moisture to build up, causing roof leaks or foundation damage, creating a home for termites. Cracked gutters should be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent serious damage.

2. Your Paint is Peeling

If your building has sections of peeling paint, it’s time to get your gutter inspected. With older painted gutters, paint peeling will occur with age. Today’s gutter material provides years of maintenance-free upkeep and maintains its aesthetic value—usually being peel-free for between 20 and 40 years.

3. The Gutters are Sagging

Broken fasteners or even general wear and tear cause gutters to sag. If they are sagging, you may have eave fascia damage that needs immediate attention. Eave fascia damage allows water to leak into the interior of the roof and possibly the interior walls of the structure. It will also cause water to flow over the top of the gutter and drip down the side of the building. If gutters are bent away from the building, it’s time to seriously consider an inspection and/or replacement.

4. Your Basement is Flooding

When water builds up near a building’s foundation, it can cause mold or flooding in the basement. If you’ve noticed water coming in during a rainstorm or a growing patch of mold or mildew, poorly functioning gutters may be to blame.

5. Your Building Needs a New Look

Not all gutter replacement needs to be for repairs. Custom gutter work can go a long way in helping your home or business stand out and give it a fresh look. Gutters and downspouts can be fabricated from several materials, from steel inner core, to aluminum and copper, with different gutter profiles to help give a building a unique look while also preventing water damage.

Does Your Building Need New Custom Gutters?

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