How to Choose a Sheet Metal Fabricator You Trust

Sheet metal fabrication is a great way to add some artistic flair to a design. But even once you’ve decided to hire a fabricator, it can be tough to find one that you can trust. Before shopping around for a fabricator in your area, take a look at these four things to consider during your search.

1. Find a long-standing company.

Metal fabrication shops come and go, but the best companies have a long track record. Long-standing companies have the best supplier relationships to help speed a project along. These companies also have experience on all different kinds of projects so they can deliver a quality product in the promised timeframe. 

2. Prioritize fabricators with the best equipment.

When it comes to metal fabrication, equipment really matters. Older machines or poorly maintained equipment will produce a substandard product. Look for a sheet metal fabricator with a modern precision cutting machine. These machines allow fabricators to customize projects to exact specifications. They are also fast, which means the fabricator can turn over a quality product faster than the competition.

3. Check the quality of the shop’s materials.

All metals are not created equal. Choose a fabricator that offers a variety of different metal products like steel, copper, and aluminum. Also, be sure to ask about their suppliers and the quality of the metal. Choosing the cheapest option may result in a final product that doesn’t hold up over time.

4. Consider the company’s customer service record.

Because most sheet metal fabrication is customized, it’s important to choose a fabrication shop that treats customers well. You’ll be interacting quite a bit with your fabricator and you will want to work with someone who is responsive and listens to what it is that you need. Before choosing a fabrication shop, look at customer reviews and check that they have a customer service department.

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