What Customers Can Expect From a Call With Formwell

Once you know that you need custom sheet metal for a project, it’s time to call in a professional to hash out the details. For those unfamiliar with the process of sheet metal fabrication, it can be unclear what you need to have ready for your call. Here is a quick guide on what to expect on a call with Formwell Industries.

Expect the Best Customer Service With Formwell

When you call Formwell, your call will be answered by an account manager or operations manager. Our client relations team won’t make you wait—they try to pick up by the second ring, and they’ll be ready to access any of the details on your past projects in an instant.  

What You’ll Need Before the Call

The more information that you can put together about your project before the call, the better. Formwell’s team will need to know as many details as possible to provide an accurate quote. 

We will be glad to assist you in choosing the right materials, gauge, and color. For water laser projects, Formwell will need a .dfx or autocad file before putting together an accurate quote. This can be emailed or sent via a thumb drive through the mail. For welding fabrications, Formwell will need a diagram or blueprint providing all the dimensions required.

What To Expect After Initial Contact

After the initial phone call, Formwell will give you a clear idea of what additional information we may need from you. With this information Formwell will put together a quote and send it over right away, following up with a phone call. 

If the quote is accepted then we will call to finalize all the details and a deadline. Even once the project is underway, you can expect regular updates from Formwell about how your project is going.

If you’re ready to get started with your project, contact Formwell Industries today. Our team is ready to help.


We’re Here for You

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